Elvis Presley
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Readers Praise

“This beautifully written book introduced me to the Elvis I never knew. Larry Geller reveals a sensitive, inquisitive and deeply human side to his close friend and spiritual disciple. I couldn't put it down...I loved this book and I recommend it highly to everyone.”

David Brandes, writer/producer

“This book is amazing. Even though Leaves of Elvis’ Garden is filled with memories, there is immediacy to them as though you are watching, rather than reading, the first reality book show. Larry Geller’s beautifully written, soulful and intimate journey through life (with Elvis) is filled with heapings of poignant and sage philosophy that is SHARE-WORTHY.”

Lauren Lawrence, Author Private Dreams of Public People

“Like its namesake, Leaves of Elvis’ Garden often approaches poetry in its simple expression of Spirit and of Elvis’ love of Spirit - a love greater for him than all the worldly riches he obtained in his life.

"If you have read any of Larry’s other books on Elvis, you will not find this one simply a re-rendering of what he has written before. In Leaves Larry has set aside much of the telling to allow you to experience the being of Elvis Presley. If you have not read the other Geller books, you will most certainly be opened to a new and truer dimension of Elvis Presley.”

Maia Christianne Nartoomid

“Larry, you have touched my heart and soul with your book, And I want to thank you DEEPLY for sharing Elvis’ spiritual side with us.  I am so grateful that you still, after all these years, keep Elvis’ memory alive by disclosing his TRUE SELF, that you are faithful to the friendship and love you both shared.”

Caroline Hilaire

“Your book is so profound.....a flood of memories came back to me and I relived the days we were blessed to still have Elvis with us. There are no coincidences.  I feel God brought you onto Elvis' spiritual path at just the right time.  Thanks for letting us all tag along on that profound journey you made, and experience the Leaves of Elvis' Garden.   The words just flowed like the lyrics of a beautiful song.” 

Chris Coffey, Elvis’ friend

"I loved this book.  While I have read dozens of books about Elvis (and even written one myself), met many of the "Memphis Mafia," and even been to the super-duper top secret Graceland archives – one hint, it is not on the property at Graceland…  Larry's book really brought Elvis to life for me.  As a friend and trusted confidante, Larry shows us both Elvis' extraordinary talent and also his rarely seen human side.

"A book to be treasured.  I am giving it to all my friends."

Pamela Keogh, Author Elvis Presley: The Man, The Life, The Legend

“It's almost impossible to "fall out of love" with Elvis Presley. Like his daughter said, he was ‘the real thing.’ Leaves of Elvis' Garden underlines just how unique this man was.

"With the help of friends like Larry Geller Elvis will live on for many years to come. A big Thank You to him for sharing his memories!”

C. Knos

Thank you for this book Larry. I will always treasure it."


“What a powerful and thoughtful memory you have shared about your friend.  Yours is the first book on Elvis I have ever read that dissects the legend and shows the reader who this person truly was. Your work takes the legend to show the man, rather than taking the man to create the legend.”

Peter Gleason, Attorney & 911 Firefighter

"I was reading your book now three times and I’m so moved to read it. This is a very special book and I love it. You would not believe me but I take it with me wherever I go and read in it whenever there is some time.

"It’s a book that had to be written and I’m glad you did."

Markus Henfling (Germany)

“This book is one of the most touching and tender and poignant stories of an extraordinary friendship and sharing of a spiritual quest between two men that I can ever imagine existing. Your book is written so well with so much love and caring. I will never see Elvis Presley in the same way again after reading this book.

"The aphorisms and spiritual quotes from the many great souls in the book also add a profound dimension of beauty and wisdom.”

Anie Nunnally, Author The Golden Path

"I finished the book today; I couldn't put it down. This magnificent book reveals the deeper, spiritual side of Elvis. Beautifully written by Elvis Presley's closest friend Larry Geller...This book is a wonderful gift to all Elvis fans everywhere, may their love grow deeper, as their own souls sing with every turn of the page, as mine did.”

Charlotte Carey

“The book is a spectrum of colour, shape, poetry, and more than a hundred and one messages/lessons. The writing revealed a lyrical quality...each a musical note which together...became music, a song, the song of the soul - that commemorates the spiritual artist, Elvis Aaron Presley in the most beautiful of ways”

Linda Ann McConnell, Author, “The Memphis Lullaby

“Larry, I just finished your book and I am at a loss for words to express how deeply moved I was.  I felt I was in another world as I read through the pages.  I know this is a book I will cherish and out of the 100 plus books I have on Elvis this will be one to read and reread again and again.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such a beautiful book.”

Nancy Bazajou

"As an ardent Elvis fan, I'd like to thank you for your vital contributions to Elvisology. It is spiritually uplifting to learn about Elvis thorough your eyes."

Carol L. Kornmehl, M.D., FACRO, Author The Best News About Radiation Therapy

"Well, I finished the book yesterday...I couldn't put it down!! Such a fascinating read that gave you such personal insights to the biggest star the world has ever known. You felt as if you were watching a movie while you were reading this book. Not only do you learn about Elvis' spiritual journey but this book helps you discover your own spiritual life.
...A must read

Stephen Katz, film actor


“I have no idea where to begin....thank you so much Larry. I read 72 pages before I knew it... It has made me think of things long ago lost in the back corners of my mind... 

"Your book has got me thinking, Life is short, tomorrow does not come sometime. A very simple message. Find out what God wants you to do...and do it. I don't know how to thank you. I will get some of those books listed by you. I have heard of some of them. You know Larry , you should be happy knowing that the things you have written about are helping folks, I believe ELVIS is beaming like a proud Brother right now knowing how you have used your talents to help people.”

Danny Lewis

"I just wanted to let you know that your new book Leaves of Elvis’ Garden was just wonderful! I laughed and cried and emotionally felt everything you wrote in that book. I was really sad when I finished the book.

"I will be reading it again and again many times I am sure.

"After reading your book it has also made me want to study more about all religions and spirituality again as well.I just wanted to express my feelings on your beautiful work and soul. And to thank you."

Charlotte Hendry


“I've read your book a couple of times and really thought things through when reading it and…man, I love this one.

"Not only did this book open my eyes and bring me so much closer to the spiritual Elvis - it has also lightened up my path! I've learned so much about my own spiritual quest trough this book and for that I will be forever thankful; it was exactly what I needed in my life to happen.

"What is there more to say but: "Thank you Larry with all my heart for this journey"

Lea Larson