Elvis Presley
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One afternoon in 1966 Elvis and I were upstairs in his bedroom at Graceland, were talking about his mother’s passing in 1958. It was the most turbulent, disoriented and confusing time in his life: drafted into the Army, being abruptly pulled away from the music and movie career that had exploded two years earlier, uncertain what the future would bring.

“Man, you can’t believe what I was goin’ through back then. I mean everything was just crashing in on me at once, every dream I ever had. Just when everything was going my way, the Army calls me. My career came to a screeching halt; all the movies I was starring in, TV, my records, everything. I actually thought that nobody would remember me after I served my time, that Id be a flash–in–the pan. Then the first thing they do when I’m inducted is buzz my hair off!” Elvis shook his head incredulously.

“Can you imagine that, my hair? Then, when I’m struggling to deal with everything, my mom suddenly died! Lawrence, I hope you never have to grieve like I did. My mom was the light of my life, my best friend; I mean, she’s the one I could always go to...man, that’s a blow you can never really get over.”

Elvis became very quiet, lost in his memories. “You know me, Lawrence. I’ve always had an inquisitive mind; I want to know what’s behind everything. Even when I was a little kid, I would always be askin’ my mom about my brother Jesse, you know, why he never had a chance to live. I can still hear her voice telling me just like it was yesterday, ‘Honey, God took your little brother back home to Heaven ‘cause it was part of His plan. He has a plan for everybody: for your daddy, for me…and for you too, Elvis. Someday I’ll be goin’ back home, and someday Daddy’s gonna go home. And even someday—a long, long time from now—God’s gonna bring you home, too. An’ then we’ll all be together again, all of us back home in heaven.’”

Elvis looked at me intently. He leaned forward and with conviction in his voice, said, “And that’s exactly what I believe Lawrence; we’re all going back home…someday.”

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“Required reading for anyone who cares about the man behind the myth.”